Movie: „Sport Psychology at practice” in cooperation with the Federal Institute of sports science

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A movie by half-an-hour which explains the theoretical basics of sport psychology and their practical use in professional sports is being developed in cooperation with the Federal Institute of sports science. The movie’s tentative release date is summer013. Its purpose is to inform about possibilities and limitations of practical sport psychology for interested athletes, teams, trainers and officials because of existing partial ignorance about this field of psychology. This sort of movie did not exist before in German speaking countries. It can be used as an educational movie at sport academies, universities and for the training of sport psychologists asp / BDP.

Aktuelle Termine
    22.06.2024   (nähere Infos folgen)

Verbesserung der mentalen Stärke 

    27.10.2023   (9:15 - 16.15 Uhr)

Tag der Sportpsychologie NRW 2023 

    21.10.2022   (10:00 - 15.30 Uhr (virtuell))

Tag der Sportpsychologie NRW 2022 

Umfrage zur mentalen Stärke
Presse / Radio / TV
    05.04.2024   (

web-deThema: „Sportpsychologen schätzen mögliches Erfolgsrezept von Nagelsmann ein“  

    26.03.2024   (wa)

waThema: „Es ist ein ganz schmaler Grat“: Sportpsychologe warnt Eltern"  

    17.06.2023   (ZDF)

zdfThema: "Wer ist schneller, schlauer, schöner?"  

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