„Dear Mr. Walter,
I would like to thank you for your presentation “Be at your best when you need it- Improving mental strength” which you held in front of athletes and coaches of our state and national squad. Your lecture encouraged us to add additional mental training to the chess specific training. Due to your contribution and especially because of the complex presentation further considerations were made within this field. Again, thank you very much! We would like to collaborate with you for further planning.“

Dr. Markus Keller, Competitive Sport Coordinator Chess Federation Wurttemberg

„Dear Mr. Walter,
I would like to thank you for your sport psychological coaching of our youth team. Your input was an important contribution to our preparation for the qualification to the next highest league within our federation. The qualification is completed. The team accomplished to qualify for the next league.“

Wolfgang Hermanns, coach TV Einigkeit Geistenbeck e.V. 1900 (Handball)

„Dear Mr. Walter,
I passed my test! A part of my success is surely due to our conversations. I felt much more relaxed in comparison to previous experiences not only during practice lessons but as well at the day of the sports test. For example, when I had difficulties during the first discipline (shot put), I was able to keep calm and even improve my performance in the next discipline (high jump, which used to be event where I had the biggest problems). (I had never experienced anything compared to that in my sport career before.) I think what helped me most was to realize that I influenced my performance with negative thoughts. Theoretically I had known about this because of my studies but I had never even considered mental training for myself. Even though I completed athletics, I am sure this experience is going to help me in future situations, even outside sports, as well. Because of that I would like to thank you again for your urgent and direct help!“

Carolin B. sports student

„Thanks to your help I feel mentally strong enough to compete at the next German Championships this fall.“

Nadine P., Boxing

„I have come to a point where I feel that confident and mentally strong that when I am having a good day I am able to win against any player in Germany!“

Fabian Breuer, Billiard

„Without sport psychological support I probably would have quit competing by now or I would have just been having difficulties over and over again. However, now I am constantly on a good mental level on the ice. I believe that there should be more mental training for younger athletes.“

Kevin Wiethoff, DNL

„Hi, I was second at the last German Championships. Your clues helped, thank you!“

Fynn Zenker, decathlete

„Thanks to your support I finally regained my joy of playing tennis. Nowadays I feel comfortable in stressful situations and I am able to perform my best possible tennis. Any mental blocks I’ve had were resolved. I feel optimistic and confident to start my project “points on the world ranking list”. Thank you very much Mr. Walter!“

Jan-Lucas Ganssauge, Tennis

„Even though we had been last we were able to stay in the current league and avoid relegation. Thanks to your help we managed to win nine games in a row and did not need to add new players to our team. Thank you very much!“

Hans-Joachim Görke, Martin Blau (management Unitas Haan, Handball, season 2014/15)

„At this opportunity I would personally like to thank you for the great effort and input you have made. You were a big part of why we succeeded to stay in the current league. (Season 2014/15)“

Prof. Dr. Thomas Koblenzer (management Neusser HV, 3. Handball-league)

„Our son gained a lot of self-confidence and self-assurance thanks to your sport psychological assistance. He is capable of staying focused and sticking consequently to the concept even when mistakes occur. For example, at the last competition he was the youngest participant and won second place. He is very proud of that. Thank you!“

Fam. von Bandemer (table-tennis)

„I just wanted to let you know that even the one hour I was able to spend with you helped me a lot. I have not yet internalized all “perspectives” but the positive aspects outweigh my negative thoughts which only occur sporadically nowadays.“

Leon F. (ice hockey)

„We managed to stay in the second handball league by winning three out of the last four games! Thank you very much Mr. Walter! During the pivotal phase of the season your sport psychological interventions gave the team courage, joy of playing and faith in staying in the league. Both players and coaches really liked your mental training. We were mentally strong and decided to take aspects of sport psychology into our concept for next season.“

Manfred Lüttin (manager SV Allensbach e.V.)

„Thanks to sport psychological guidance my performance became much more consistent. All professional athletes should not leave their mental strength to chance but work and improve it systematically.“

Peter Lyck Hansen (1. Volleyball-league)

„I was just thinking from hurdle to hurdle and now: 1st place and the direct qualification for the German championships. Thank you!“

N.N. (combined events)

„Everything turned out great, I won! Thank you!“

Abu Azaitar

„At first I was skeptical but after I was able to win the state championships three times and got second place once within the last four years I know for sure that sport psychological aspects really helped me to succeed. I am a lot better now at turning off negative thoughts and thinking from point to point when it really matters.“

Ali Faisal, table-tennis, national team Pakistan, GSV Fröndenberg

„Thank you very much Mr. Walter for your great work! Our players showed team spirit, self-confidence and the will to succeed during the Play-downs because of your sport psychological interventions. We achieved three victories in a row! The loss in the last game, which finally led to the relegation, was not due to sport psychological aspects. If we had collaborated with you earlier, I am sure we would not have had to play the Play-downs at all! With your help, we are highly motivated to qualify for the higher league again in our next season 2013/2014.“

Bruno Kemper, head of BG Dorsten, 2. Basketball-league

„The victory of the German youth championships in 2013 is partly due to my training on mental strength. I was able to focus on my strengths during difficult situations and to finally win the competition. Thank you very much Mr. Walter for your helpful support.“

Noe Walter, epee fencing

„The sport psychological interventions of our sport psychologist had a big influence on our success to advance to the first German Volleyball league in the season 2012/ 2013. During stressful situations our players were capable of showing the type of mental strength that was needed in order to win.“

Marco Donat, assistant coach and director of RWE Volleys Bottrop
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